Living and Watching #Betas


Just finished #betas episode 5...funny. Certain aspects are resonating with me right now based on being in beta mode at the moment myself. In work...entertainment...and life in general I guess :)

So much to discuss in terms of the experience as well as the writing/content of the show. Sign of the times. Some VERY quick reflections on how I learned about the show and continue to watch...

  1. Saw an ad in NYC subway for #betas  (above)
  2. Took picture of it to use as a reminder to look up
  3. 2 days later reminded about show as I was flipping through pics and looked it up
  4. Watched online series (offered by Amazon Prime)
  5. "Binge" watched and can't wait for the next episode
  6. Tweeted about it and Instagrammed subway poster pic
  7. Signed up for Prime trial (had been putting of for quite some time)
  8. Get reminders of episodes that are released every Friday in my Twitter feed

Note to self: Do a follow up on previous post that included Saul Berman's book, "Not for Free" - Revenue Innovation In The New World - "Not for FREE" .

Separate, but related, check out Growth Hacker TV . It is a resource full of live interviews for entrepreneurs who are trying to grow startups.

I owe a bigger explanation to all of this and a deeper post, but will have to do that at another time. Just wanted to share while the thoughts were fresh.

Update: Mashable, NY Times and LA Times wrote about the show. Mixed reviews. I get where Mashable is coming from but I can't help it, I still think it's super funny!

Forbes named it #6 on their list of 7 Best New Series of 2013 stating,

Not to be outdone by Netfix, AmazonPrime is committing tens of millions to original series. It’s “Betas,” ranked No. 6 on the list, is about about twentysomethings traversing the Silicon Valley ecosystem, “Betas “is the breeziest, escapist half-hour since “Entourage.” It has a great young cast and is filled with zippy one-liners. Plus “Betas” is filled with knowing heart about the challenges of a quarterlife launch on levels both personal and professional.