Reframing Innovation and Rethinking Scalable Efficiency

This is a quick post today.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I respect John Hagel’s work. I recently came across this video, which is a great summary of a post, the Dark side of Technology, which he published a little over a year ago.

Video Summary:

In this talk given at Singularity University recently, John Hagel speaks to the dark side of technology. He describes the three forms of  “mounting performance pressure" that are impacting all of us as individuals, as well as all of our institutions. They are:

  1. Intensifying Competition 
  2. Acceleration of Change
  3. Uncertainty Driven by Extreme Events

He discusses the collapse of our return on assets and makes a case for us to reframe the whole discussion of innovation to “Institutional Innovation.” Institutional Innovation means expanding our business partnerships and coordinating a vast number of participants in a truly global network with a flexible ecosystem that meets the needs of companies. He goes on to explain that this is quite different from scalable efficiency, which is how most of us are accustomed to working, which we need to rethink.

As John Hagel states in his post published on December 4, 2013,

"I don’t mean to deny the incredible benefits that all these technologies are bringing us.  There’s a delicious paradox here: the very same technologies that bring us awesome opportunity and new possibilities are at the very same time bringing us mounting performance pressure, accelerating change and growing uncertainty. To truly harness these opportunities, we first need to acknowledge and deal with the dark side."

I encourage you to watch this video in its entirety or read his original post here.

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