Business Reads Today

Business Reads Today is a place to share, collect and exchange favorite business articles, books, videos and personal reading  during a time of transformational change. 

It is a content journey written through the lens of experiencing life at the intersection of creativity, data and technology.

I have always enjoyed discussions that come from sharing different publications with friends and colleagues. So this is the same thing, just in a different format with access to a much larger community (thank you internet).

There will not be negative reviews here because that's not what it's about.  What can be found are recommendations that I hope you will find interesting and provoke thought. 

Business Reads Today  is a work in progress. I welcome your feedback and any content recommendations that you may have. 

Something A Little More Personal

Hello, my name is Lynda Koster and I currently live in New York City. I have a thirst for knowledge, a passion for business, love of people and believe in the power of creative exploration.

Business and Marketing Background My professional experience includes a combination of strategic development and implementation planning, providing integrated business and cross-channel marketing solutions to clients. These roles most often include collaborating with organizations going through significant change initiatives. Both my data-driven marketing agency and corporate-side experiences along with a deep interest in the impact of creativity, technology, education and people influence my reading selections and holistic approach to business. For more information, please feel free to contact me or stop by to connect on LinkedIn

Passion For Creative Exploration  - Maintaining a rich level of curiosity and creativity has always been a priority. While in college, I pursued two degrees, one in Marketing and the other in Art. And with this, I believe that it is very important to continually feed the creative spirit, while taking time to explore through a hands on approach.

Commitment to Lifelong Learning - My thirst for knowledge and creativity are deeply influenced by my father, who impressed upon me the importance of lifelong learning. Here are just five, of what I consider the most important things that I have learned along the way so far:

  • Read and consider everything - whatever information you have access to 
  • Maintain a rich level of curiosity and creativity throughout your life 
  • Think, create and DO 
  • Always, always remain a student regardless of your age or what you think you already know
  • Lead by example and give back

Lover of life, color, obstacle courses, running, baking, Sennelier pastels and soulful music.