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Business Reads Today

Business Reads Today includes current perspectives, practices and content recommendations for business professionals experiencing life at the intersection of creativity, data, and technology.

It is a personal content journey written through the lens of an integrated marketer actively exploring and testing new growth strategies, business models, tools, and solutions during a time of transformational change.

Business Reads Today initially started out as a place to process my thoughts and experiences, while making connections between the converging forces impacting business, marketing, and people. Over time, it has become a collection of experiences and research, tied together with relevant articles, papers, books, interviews, and videos.

Your feedback and recommendations are welcomed.

               Lynda Koster

               Lynda Koster

Business and Hybrid Marketing Background

My name is Lynda Koster, and I currently live in New York City. I am a "thinker-doer-builder" with a passion for working at the intersection of creativity, data, and technology.  Combining the art and science of my profession is what originally attracted me to it...and it's what keeps me motivated every day.  

Business and Data-Driven Marketing Background - My professional experience includes a combination of strategic development and implementation planning, providing integrated, data-driven marketing solutions to clients. These roles most often include developing "hybrid" teams, bridging the gap between strategy and execution while collaborating with organizations going through significant change initiatives. My marketing agency and corporate side experiences along with a deep interest in the impact of creativity, data, technology, and people influence my content selections and holistic approach to business. 

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